More than 30 years working for our farmers.

About Centramirsa

CIn 1977 we started our activities with the name CENTRAL DE COMERCIALIZACIÓN DE PRODUCTOS AGRÍCOLAS EL MIRADOR, S.A.

Currently we have facilities covering an area of 32,000 square meters of warehouses auction and product handling, cold storage rooms and offices.

We have facilities with the latest technology in all departments, thus providing the best service to our customers and farmers.

In Centramirsa were the first auction center was founded in the Region of Murcia. Since we have worked to remain today, one of the largest marketers of the Region.

Principally trade Lamuyo and California peppers, artichokes, broccoli, beans, peas, bread beans, cauliflower, melons, watermelons, padron peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini.

The Human Team

Luis Cerrada Delgado

General Directo

Jose Antonio Morales Saez

Customer Department

Chari Ros Samper

Auction Chief

José Sánchez Alcaraz

Commercial Department

Aurora Conesa Sánchez

Quality Department

Company Philosophy

As a company renowned in the horticultural sector, one of our maxims is to ensure the quality of the products both in the process of production and in the handling of them, so we have put the best systems of control and quality certification obtained by external entities ISO 9001:2008 and British Retail Consortium, likewise Centramirsa is recognized as a Global Gap product manipulative.

Another is to ensure maximum traceability and food safety of all our products remain in constant contact with suppliers to agricultural cultivation practices are the most modern and environmentally friendly, making the control and analysis of relevant residues. The product moves from field to container sales in minimum time possible to maintain its organoleptic no additives or preservatives, providing an excellent quality and taste.

Ultimately our extensive industry experience and our ability to offer innovative products and excellent services designed to more demanding markets guarantee of success for our suppliers and customers.
Our strategy is to always offer excellent products and excellent services to your producers and your customers.

Most corporate profits investments are aimed at improving our facilities, providing the latest technologies to always be that way in the sector.  

Contact Info

Avenida Centramirsa, s/n
30739 - El Mirador
San Javier - Murcia

Tel: +34 968 17 40 30
Fax: + 34 968 17 40 70

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